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The past couple have days have been nothing but fun. Well first, I have a job at Macy's. I'm quite nervous to start, considering it will be nothing like working in my oh so laid back real estate office. Next.. I've been busting my ass at the rec center. It's been so refreshing to be working out after having the laziest summer of my life. Anyways... so last night after my late night craving for deliciousness, we decided to call kids and head down to good old Sharis. Let me tell you.. the Buick sailed at full capacity last night and handled quite nicely with very few "low traction" warnings. Chocolate mouse pie was most excellent along side enjoyable company. I think it's safe to say that both Kevin and Sam have quite fitting roommates.

Agh agh.. I can't wait for classes to start. I think my schedule might kill me this quarter, but nonetheless.. I'm ready for the challenge.

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